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Driving While Intoxicated, also called DWI or DUI, is one of the leading causes for arrests in the Louisiana for non-property offenses. In the state of Louisiana, it is illegal to drink and drive. The penalties for a DUI/DWI offense in Louisiana range in severity based on t number of factors but it can include up to 30 years in prison, fines up to $5000 or more, and a permanent suspension of a driver’s license. Presently, the Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) for a DUO in Louisiana can range from .02% under 21 year of age to .08% for over 21 years of age. The Louisiana DWI law also covers the use of drugs such as marijuana, amphetamines, tranquilizers and barbiturates.

Why Hire a Lawyer To Represent you in your DUI/DWI Case?

The State of Louisiana has strict laws for drunk driving, and when you drink and drive in Louisiana, you risk your freedom, finances and your future. If you have no prior DUI offenses, you can face jail time, community service, fines and licenses suspension. However, if you have multiple prior offenses within the past 10 years, the fines will be higher, jail time longer, and the license suspension could be permanent.  With your future on the line, it is important to get a professional attorney who is experienced to represent your best interests in defending your rights.

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We can help you:

  • Inform you of your legal rights
  • Understand your charges
  • Explain the possible outcomes of your case
  • Understand your Miranda Rights
  • Determine potential defenses

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