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At the Law Office of Frank D’Amico, Jr., we are steadfast in pursuing justice for individuals and businesses who have experienced property losses and business interruption.

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Your homeowner’s policy may contain coverage for living expenses, loss of rents as well as other endorsements that you may be entitled to.

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Handled issues Involving:

  • Injury or wrongful death

  • Wind vs Flood
  • Homeowner property damage (hurricane damage, lighting, fire loss or other)
  • Business property damage, including interruption valuation

  • Property damage valuation (replacement cost & actual cost value)

  • Application of named storm limits and deductibles

  • Constructions scams and/or defects

  • Bad faith (your insurance may wrongfully deny your claim or delays payment or pays less then what you as the policyholder is entitled)


Insurance companies expect you to pay for coverage; and you, as their policyholder, expect them to pay you for damages covered under your policy.

When you pay your insurance premium, there is an expectation that the insurance company will uphold their obligation under that policy. If your insurance company wrongfully denies the claim or otherwise breaches the terms of the policy, it is bad faith.

At the Law Office of Frank D’Amico, Jr., we can place that insurance company on notice for your losses as their policyholder and they could also be held financially accountable for their bad faith practices.

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