Working with a lawyer when you are trying to file a claim for a recent bicycle accident that you have been in, you can go through the process more easily. Lawyers know what the process is already like, so they can tell you what to expect as you go through it. It is better to be able to anticipate what comes next in the claims process so that you can make the preparations. If you have no idea where to start when it comes to filing a bicycle accident claim, here are some tips that you can begin with.

Collect all types of evidence 

When you have been in a bicycle accident, be sure to collect every type of evidence that you can.  Photos, video evidence, legal documents, medical records and accident reports are some core pieces of evidence that you should be sure to include. Make a list of all of your damaged property as well so that everything can be accounted for when you are compiling your damages. If you are missing important evidence, it can reduce the compensation that you can receive in your case.

Gather witness information

Do not discount the value of witnesses in a personal injury accident. Speak to as many witnesses as you are able to after a personal injury accident. See if you can get the contact information of the people who stayed at the scene or who have seen the accident. If you are not sure if there were witnesses, look into the police report and see if they have included the names of other parties who were involved. Collect the statements of all witnesses who were at the accident scene and keep their contact information for your own records.

Monitor your injuries 

As a skilled bicycle accident lawyer such as one from Hall-Justice can explain to you, it is important that you keep an eye on your injuries and look out for any changes because it can affect the compensation that you are owed. If your injuries turn out to be much more severe than anticipated, it can affect how your treatment program develops. A doctor will be able to make recommendations after follow-up visits if they notice that your injuries are changing significantly and affecting your condition.

Be careful about your statement 

When you are giving your account of how the accident happened, be careful about what you say. The details that you give should be as accurate as possible. Do not try to exaggerate in an effort to get more compensation because your case can get dropped and you can face criminal consequences. If you are not sure about certain details, it is better to admit that you are unable to remember. The investigators will use whatever information that they can to fill in the gaps of the case.

If you hope to receive legal assistance to file a bicycle accident claim successfully, get in touch with a lawyer that you can rely on to handle your case efficiently right away.