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Physical Injuries due to a defective product

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It can be a scary time when you see a product recall on the news, especially if you are someone who uses that particular product on a regular basis. The reason that companies do a recall when they become aware of a product that is not functioning properly is to try and prevent people from getting injured by the product and filing a lawsuit against the company. Sometimes though the defect is not something that the company is made aware of and unfortunately someone does end up getting hurt. A defective product can cause some very serious injuries that result in disfigurement or major medical surgeries to treat injuries. If you have had an injury due to a product that is defective, you need a product liability attorney right away.

Several ways a product liability lawyer can assist you

One of the main purposes for having a product liability lawyer is to first give you counsel and to decide what course of action would be best for you to take. While you may have been injured by a product, that does not necessarily make it a product liability case where you can file a lawsuit and receive compensation. Once you sit down with an attorney, he or she can assess the initial facts of the situation and determine if you have a case. A product liability case goes beyond a defective product and could also include a problem with the directions that led to you misusing the product and receiving your injuries. If the attorney decides you have a case, it will be time to plot a strategy.

When your attorney starts to formulate a strategy, they will first decide who to make the lawsuit claim against. Your attorney will investigate to see which party that is in the chain of distribution would be responsible for the safety of the product in your particular case. Your lawsuit might need to be filed against the manufacturing plant that actually produced the product or it might need to be against the retail company that sold it depending on the circumstances surrounding your claim.

Your attorney will then put things into motion by filing a lawsuit and preparing your case to go to trial. Many of these cases never even make it to trial, and the company involved will likely try to settle. The product liability lawyer will negotiate a compensation package for you out of the claim and then you will soon receive the money you need to pay for your injuries.

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