Personal Injury

Contrary to popular belief and fear of heights, airplane travel is safer than ground travel such as car or train according to our friends at The Law Offices of Andrew Lynch. And it may come as a surprise, but there are injuries sustained in airplanes also. The injuries include head injuries or something as small as a toe bump on your way to the restroom. Head injuries may be sustained if turbulence is experienced during the flight, or even if luggage is not secured properly and it falls on someone’s head. It is possible to trip and fall on a plane, so the same injuries you experience on the ground can also be experienced in the air. If you or someone you know has suffered an injury in any form while on an aircraft, they may be able to seek compensation based on the negligence of the airline’s employees or the airline alone — or in some cases, even against other passengers if they injure you or your family due to their negligence.

There is a high expectation when traveling by flight; this is why everyone is not able to become a pilot just as they are so easily awarded driver’s licenses. Much like a bus driver, or public transit driver, air carriers have a responsibility to their passengers. But be clear, just because you suffer an injury on an airplane does not mean you are owed compensation from the airline, the staff, or even the pilots.

It is the airline employee’s responsibility to inform its passengers of any potential dangers they may be exposed to in the sky, such as turbulence that may be due to the weather. This responsibility does not start in the sky so it is not only the responsibility of those on board the aircraft. It may be tough to determine who is responsible between the government inspectors or the airline, but no faulty aircraft is to be sent on a flight. Due to this complexity, it is recommended that you seek legal guidance.

If you have suffered an injury based on human error, such as a head injury due to turbulence in the sky causing you to bump your head onto the chair in front of you, you may be compensated; only if you were not informed of the turbulence although the forecast had already shown this weather condition.

There are several parties involved in the possible injuries sustained on a plane, the manufacturer, the owner of the plane, inspector, and even the repairer of the aircraft.

Dealing with your injury will be a burden enough, you need to understand your rights in the event that this has happened or does happen to you. It is best to speak with a skilled personal injury attorney that will be able to take the details of your case and present it to opposing counsel to negotiate your compensation for damages. If you or a loved one has suffered an injury on an aircraft, speak with a personal injury lawyer immediately as you may be rewarded for your suffering.