When teenagers get their licenses to drive and hit to road, it is an exciting time for them but a scary time for parents. Parents’ fears  and anxieties are not without merit. Some parents fear other drivers on the road; others just fear their teenager is just not ready to drive on the open road alone. New drivers are inexperienced and according the National Safety Council over half of all driving teenagers will get in a car crash before they graduate high school.

driving-teenagerDon’t stop practicing

Driving teenagers need to continue practicing their driving skills with their parents even after they receive a license to drive. Practice makes perfect, especially when it comes to driving. An teenager who continue to practice driving skills with their parents will increase their chance of avoiding a car crash.

Lots of distractions

The distractions available for today’s drivers have definitely increased compared to a couple of decades ago. Once upon a time, the only distractions in the car was the radio with a tape deck or CD player and maybe eating or drinking in the car. Today, we have cell phones, computers, GPS systems, Snapchat, twitter, Facebook…etc. The distractions of today are never ending and they are very hard to ignore for teenagers.

The following are some of the most important tips to help prevent car accidents for you driving teenager:

  1. Eliminate distractions & Discuss Distractions like cell phones and texting
  2. Always buckle up
  3. Watch and obey posted speed limits
  4. Check tire pressure
  5. Avoid eating and drinking while driving
  6. Know your Route, Don’t get lost
  7. Avoid playing with the radio, GPS, or other music devices
  8. Limit passengers

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