Bad Weather Driving Tips

The weather in Louisiana in September seems to always involve some percentage of rain. This means that there is a possibility at some point in the day you may be driving in a drizzle or even a heavy downpour. Driving in the rain is not easy because the roads are slippery and it is harder to see. This means that not only is it harder for you to drive but also for everyone else on the road with you. The best strategy for driving in bad weather is to avoid it altogether, but if that is just not an option, follow some of these driving safety tips:


  1. Headlights – Make sure that your headlights are on. They not only help you see but it also helps other drivers see you on the road.
  2. Slow Down – If you drive a little bit slower during the rain, it will help you identify hazards and react to them in a controlled manner.
  3. Following Distance – Slippery roads make it hard to stop and if you increase your following distance, you may be able to stop safely if traffic slows.
  4. Intersection Caution – Just because the red light turns green, it does not mean you should just go. During rainy days, look all directions at stop signs and intersections before hitting the gas pedal.
  5. Lane Switching – If you do not have to switch lanes, don’t. Do not zip in and out of traffic. Take your time and be safe.
  6. Two Hands – Keep two hands on the wheel, two eyes on the road, and focus on driving at all times.
  7. Cell Phones – Focus on the road, not your cell phone. Do not look down at your cell phone when you should be paying attention to the road.
  8. Pull Over – If the rain is coming down so fast that you cannot see through your windshield, pull over to a safe location and wait until it passes.

Driving during rainy days is a challenge.  There are a lot of Bad Weather Driving Tips, these are just a few examples. Just Remember Be Careful and Drive Safely!