Are you the victim of Mortgage Fraud?

Mortgage Fraud
Mortgage Fraud

Mortgage fraud has become more prevalent over time and should be a particular concern for people entering a mortgage agreement.

In addition, some bank mortgage holders are fraudulently applying mortgage payments, modifying loans without informing the home owner, and even harassing home owners with phone calls. If you think that you may be a victim of Mortgage Fraud, Call the Law Office of Frank D’Amico and we will fight for your rights.

If you can answer “YES” to any of these questions, Call Us!

Has your bank modified your home loan without your permission?

Have you applied for a modification to your home loan and are now facing foreclosure?

Did the bank tell you that you have inadequate insurance?

Has the bank purchased an insurance policy on your home without your knowledge or without your agreement?

Are your mortgage payments being credited to something you did not agree to?

Have your mortgage payments been misapplied?

Did the bank tell you there were no other options?

Are you being harassed by calls from your mortgage lender?

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